People often tell us they don’t know how to communicate to prospects what they do.


They don’t know how to set themselves apart from their competitors.


Some have even told me their competitors lie about what they provide and offer a cheaper price telling prospects they can do the same thing for 50% less!!


This is an especially difficult challenge if you can’t clearly articulate what it is you do.


OK you are going to come across this from time to time, a competitor will come into the market and try and grab your clients by competing on price


There is no avoiding this, and yes, some clients may leave for a cheaper deal.


But you may find they will come back finding that although it was cheaper, it wasn’t the same value.


See what I’m coming to, is the importance of  communicating the value in what you do.

What sets you apart from your competitors


Because bottom line, we should never compete on price, we know that is always a race to the bottom.


We need to focus on - our unique value proposition.


What sets you apart from your competitors?


The answer…. It's you.


Your beliefs, your values, the extra mile you will go for your customers, the reasons why you do what you do.


It’s the added value you provide.


This is why people will spend the extra money.


You see, people want to be aligned with people who see the world as they do.


People and companies that have the same values as they do (misquoting Simon Sinek there)


People don’t care about what you do so much as what it means for them.


If you can show your prospects that you value them and their needs first - they will buy ...and they will stay loyal


So what I was coming to is developing your value proposition.


I would recommend you structure it in two parts - 


1. Why do you do what you do  

We believe that …………………..

My example - 

every business knows what they do inside out, they love what they do, they just needs the tools and confidence to go out and sell it


2. What you do and the benefit for the client

What we do is …………. (provide customised training for business owners and salespeople to empower them go out and sell, so they have more time to do what they love) 


You can use this at the start of your interview, on your website or social.


If you know what you do inside out, all you need to do is articulate how that value translates to a benefit for the customer.


You articulate what makes you and your specific delivery of this product different.


In this instance, the benefit is having more time doing what they love - ie whatever it is they do.


Sell your customers on the value you provide, and they won’t even think twice about the price.


A question for you - 


What is they one key thing that sets you apart from your competitors? - what makes you different?


How would you explain this in one sentence?


Have a productive week, go out there and sell!!!




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