About Sales Impact NZ

From recent studies, it has been shown that 58% of companies do not have a standardised sales process for selling their products and services. The result of this is inconsistent sales results. 

Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

Our sole focus is to develop sales systems for business to business salespeople and business to customer sales.

Our goal in delivering our training programmes is to equip salespeople and business owners with the processes and systems to increase the number of sales they make on a consistent basis and also develop their prospecting systems to improve the quantity and quality of the referrals they receive.

Our offices are located in Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North and Christchurch.


Hayden Burgess - Director

Hayden took over the company in the role of Director after working in the industry for many years.

Hayden has been instrumental in the ongoing development of
our sales programmes.

Hayden previously completed a Bachelor of Arts at at Victoria University and now lives in Hawkes Bay with his wife and daughter.

Brett Burgess - Sales Impact Hawkes Bay

Brett got his start in the training industry in 1996 when he worked with the US Training company Leadership Management International.

In 2003 Brett formed the company after seeing a gap in the market. He shifted his focus to sales training, basing his practice around the fundamentals of modern needs based selling.

Brett developed his own Sales Training programme and has worked with corporates and training teams nationwide. He also works with many SMEs and new businesses looking to accelerate their sales growth.

Peter Price - Sales Impact Christchurch

Until 2005 Peter was involved in running several successful businesses in Europe in the automotive industry.

Since coming to New Zealand, Peter has been closely involved in helping various electrical businesses in Hawkes Bay to operate closer to their full potential with increases in turnover and profitability bought about by increases in sales and close financial controls.

Now living in Christchurch, Peter has joined Sales Impact NZ as a sales trainer in the South Island.

Jeff Cruickshank - Sales Impact Manawatu

Based in Palmerston North, Jeff has over 30 years’ experience in the FMCG industry. Jeff has an extensive knowledge of business management, covering all areas of business, from sales targets and budgets, strategic business planning, and all things related to getting the best out of your team.

Married with 3 children, Jeff has joined Sales Impact as a Sales Trainer in Manawatu looking to share his knowledge and passion in all areas of the business community.

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