It is about this time of year that people say ‘business is slowing down for Christmas’ or ‘no one wants to start any at the moment’, or  alternately ‘I’ve got so much work it’s coming out my ears’.

It can often be a case of feast or famine as November slowly rolls into December and we all start thinking about Christmas. We think to ourselves, I’ll just do that in January when i’ve got more time.

But wait, now is the best time to be planning and putting things in place so when Christmas is over, you are ready to run out the gate in January.

There are still over 30 days of trading left in 2018, so here are some ways you can prepare yourself for a busy 2019.

Fill your sales funnel


Often we can get bogged down in doing the work and don’t think about a few months down the line, when all the work we are doing now is completed and we hit a quiet patch.

If you begin to fill your sales funnel for January/Feb/March now, it will ease a lot of pressure coming into the new year. Think about which new clients are starting early in the year, what ongoing work you have to carry you through the Christmas break, and who you want to be targeting in 2019.

Once you have an idea of who you would like to target you need to think about how you are going to get in front of these people, if this is through referrals, think about the types of people who may be able to refer you.


Keep in touch


It is key to make sure you have a robust contact system in place, this way you are staying front of mind with your clients but also you are aware of any changes in circumstances with your clients that could lead to more opportunities.

It is also a good time to be thinking about which clients need more ‘love’ or attention, remember we classify our clients not to dictate the level of service they receive but the level of communication.



Re educate yourself


If you are slowing down before Christmas,  this is a great time to re educate.

Take a look at your sales process, where are the gaps, do you even have a sales process? If you answered no then now is a great time to start working on it, after all, sales are the only facet of your business that actually brings in money.

To get consistent results, we need to have a consistent process that we follow, if we measure what we are doing, we can then get a measurable outcome.

Remember if  one part of your process is failing, this could be the constraint that is holding you back. Are you really good at creating leads but no good at closing? Or perhaps your follow up is lacking.

By taking the time to re educate yourself and  work on the parts of your business that aren’t working so well, you are investing in for the future, and a stronger start to the new year.

Look back on  what you did right in 2018, the wins you had, but also what you could have done better.

Remember the year is not over, take this time if you have it to work on your business so you can have a profitable and exciting start to the year.


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