Making this your best sales year yet

When we talk about sales process the bottom line is that everything counts. To get to D you must go through A, B and C.

However, some of us are still working on our sales process, we may have a couple of systems in place and are thinking about the next step. Others may already have a strong sales process that is working for them.

In any case, if you implement any of the ideas I will outline in today’s blog, you will be a step ahead and will be on the way to ensuring that 2017 is your best sales year yet.

Join a Referral group.

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that if we are doing good work prospects will find us. Unfortunately if nobody knows who you are you may find its a struggle to get work in the door. By joining a referral group it puts you in front of 20-30 people each week who each know 300 other people on a first name basis. This alone will bring more inquiries your way through word of mouth but there is more.

Referral groups are a great source of Intel and business insight, you may be wondering if a certain prospect is worth chasing, or who the right contacts are at a business you would like to work with. I have found that the information that gets passed around at these groups is invaluable and much of it you wouldn’t be able to obtain anywhere else.

The best reason to join a referral group though is shared referrals. In a good group members should share their prospect lists with other members once the trust has been established. We recommend asking for at least 5 specific companies at each meeting. This just makes the process easier, as other members may not know of anyone specifically looking for your product or service but may know someone in the companies you specified you are looking for introductions to. It just makes sense to be specific with who you are after.

Work out who you want to target and focus.

You can’t hit your target without knowing what to aim at right? In this sense we need to have a list of companies we would like to work with. When you are compiling this list ask questions like –

 Does this company’s values align with my own?
 Who is the company/business connected too – consider who do you know in common? You can find this kind of information out from your COIs, referral groups or even Linkedin.
 How can I classify my target list of businesses – this could be by size/proximity or potential value. You may consider creating a separate list of ‘whales’ – larger corporate clients with a higher value.
 Who are my clients working with already that would be a good prospect for me? – it can often be easier to get in with a new client if they have a relationship with a past client of yours. Check out your client’s websites to see who they have worked with in the past. A simple way to do this could go something like “I see you have worked with ABC company in the past, would you be able to make an introduction for me?

Set aside time for prospecting
This is key to all your business growth going forward this year. We often get so caught up working we forget that sales are the only thing that brings money through the door.

So remember, set aside time to prospect, create a prospecting plan and be focused about who you want to work with.

Make 2017 your best year in business yet!

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