How often do you experience this - you turn up at a networking event, start talking to someone and then realise that they are talking at you ?


They have their elevator pitch, they are rolling it out and they ain’t gonna stop until it's done. Or you start talking to someone and they start making statements, whether it be their opinion on religion, the Labor party or their business ideas.


Unfortunately this is very common, why? Because people are generally only interested in themselves, their opinions and their business.


How can we get around this?


Well you can’t really but you can use it to your advantage.


Remember that old mantra - be more interested than interesting? Well here is where you would use it. By being more interested in the other person we make a better impression, just think of all your friends, who do you want to spend the most time with? I am betting it’s the ones who take an interest in you and your life 


More so than the ones that make you feel bad, depress you and leave you feeling drained.


It is exactly the same in business.


By being more interested you can learn a lot of valuable information about the other person and their business, this information can come in very handy if they are a prospect for you.


Don’t get me wrong, you need to be sincere and honest about it, be genuine and take an interest because you actually care. 

Another positive of being more interested is that you don’t have to worry about what to say next, all you need to do is ask good questions.

Remember as I said before, people love to talk about themselves so why not let them.


So remember next time you go to a networking event, be more interested in the other person, it allows you to -

  • Make a better impression

  • Learn valuable information about the other person’s business

  • You don’t have to worry about making conversation - just ask good questions!


I hope you have a profitable month.


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