1. The hero of the story is not your product.

• Don’t focus on your product. This is absolutely key. Make the needs of the prospect your central focus. You can’t arrogantly assume that you can solve anything and they are foolish not to buy from you. Always make it about the prospect and their needs.

2. You can’t sell on features alone.

• You must first convert the features of your product into the benefits they provide the customer. This is easiest understood by asking – What does using your product/service mean for them? Don’t focus on what your product or service does, uncover through questioning what comes as a result of using your offering. This could be time saving, less stress or peace of mind.

3. Keep in touch with your clients.

• Remember your A client is someone else’s A prospect. It is vitally important to keep in touch every 90 days. Each time you touch base it brings that client closer to you. An email newsletter is a good way to do this.

4. Farming your existing clients.

• Remember it is 6-10 times more expensive to bring on a new client as it is to keep an old one. If you are going to visit a client, go with a purpose. This means working out which of your clients buys what and what they don’t. Think about wallet share.

5. Plan your sales pipeline – make time for this key activity!

• Spend 30 minutes per day every day working on your plan for the next day. Take time to work on your pipeline even when you are busy, so you can stay in control of your sales and avoid lulls as much as possible. Don’t get stuck working in your business and neglect working ON your business. You may be busy now but you must take the time to fill your sales funnel.

6. Don’t rely on a canned sales pitch!

• The old adage ‘be more interested than interesting’ is key, listen more and talk less. People are only interested in themselves and their business so why would you bore them talking about what you do. Don’t bother with elevator pitches, keep it short and simple otherwise the prospect is likely to switch off. We need to earn the right to ‘pitch’ or detail our offering by asking good questioning and assessing if the client has a need.

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