I know what it’s like


You meet with a prospect.


You ask some good questions


And then it comes to presenting your solution.


You start to explain what you do....


..and their eyes just glaze over.


The problem is - you sell a technical product or service.


You sell something that the prospect knows they need, but doesn't understand why.


You know your solution is the right fit and will be of great benefit to the prospect.


But they just don't understand exactly what they are paying for.


How do you get across why they should buy from you, without bamboozling them with technical jargon?


This can be especially difficult if your solution is more expensive than your competition.


Your competitor might even tell them they will get the same results for a cheaper price.


But then you find out later they weren’t being quoted apples for apples!


As the legendary copywriter, Dan Kennedy once said -


“If you can’t be the #1 lowest price leader in the market, there is no strategic advantage in being the #2 lowest price leader”


So if you can’t be the cheapest, why even try?


Why not be the most expensive in your market?


The trick is selling that to the prospect.


Why should they pay more for you?


How do you explain to the prospect why your solution is better..


....without bogging them down with details and specifics?


On the 28th of November we are going to show you how to clearly communicate the value you provide to a prospect, even if they don’t really understand what you do.

We are going to teach you our three step RYS method of selling a technical product, a simple blueprint you can use every time to get around this tricky situation.


Find out …how to develop your USP - what makes your business special?

How to … clearly illustrate the value you provide, without having to resort to using too much technical jargon.

Discover... how to close more sales even if you are the most expensive in your market

This is our last workshop of 2019 and we would love to see you there.


If you are ‘up in the air’ about what makes you different....

If you are unsure how to stand out to your prospects without resorting to technical specs....

If you want to know how to communicate your value to prospects and get them to buy.....

..This is for you.



Thursday 28th November

3:45 - 5PM


No5 Cafe and Larder, Mangateretere, Hawkes Bay


Free (just buy a drink to support the cafe)


Click the link below for more details and to book your seat!