Sales Management Excellence Programme

The objective of this programme is to deliver a system for managing sales teams and achieving sales objectives.

Our Sales Management Excellence programme is designed for Sales Managers and business owners who have been through the training and need that next level of sales management training.

We work with you to keep your team accountable. This includes creating a clearly defined sales plan and systems for monitoring your sales team.

Target Audience: 

Sales Managers and Business Owners who need to manage sales teams.


The programme covers key areas of Sales Management including:

  • Manager’s Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Definition of Salesperson Key Roles

  • Clarifying the Company’s Key Sales Objectives

  • Development of Sales Strategies

  • Client Retention and Growth Planning



Holding your Team Accountable

We work to your time frame

This programme can be run over either

  • 2 x half day workshops 

  • or 1 full day workshops.

Our trainers work with you in-house and to your schedule.

Prior to the commencement of the training, each participant will complete a training outcomes form to establish key areas to be focused on and specific outcomes to be achieved during the course of the programme.

At the commencement of the programme each participant develops a personal sales goal to be achieved by the completion of the programme with a measurable outcome for them which gives a return on investment for the training costs.


Expected Outcomes

  • Clearly defined Sales Plan
  • System for monitoring and managing sales teams
  • Development of key tools for sales management
  • Improved accountability and measurement of team performance


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