Customer Sales and Service Programme


The purpose of this programme is to develop a sales process to retain existing clients and increase the amount of business we receive from them through a focused customer sales and service culture.


Target Audience: Customer facing salespeople, businesses who sell to other businesses but also to consumers.

Client Managers and admin staff who have a sales component to their role.

The programme covers five key areas of B2C (business to consumer) selling:

  • Sales Planning

  • Customer Service skills

  • Converting inbound leads

  • Farming existing clients

  • Customer Retention
Customising your Sales Toolbox

We work to your time frame

This programme can be run over either

  • Two half day workshops 

  • One full day workshop

Our trainers work with you in house and to your schedule.

Prior to commencement of the training each participant will complete a training outcomes form to establish key areas to be focused on and specific outcomes to be achieved during the course of the programme.

At the commencement of the programme each participant develops a personal sales goal to be achieved by the completion of the programme with a measurable outcome for them which gives a return on investment for the training costs.


Customised Sales Tools

All the tools contained within the programme will be customised to the individual’s personal style whether it is

  • phone guides for making appointments

  • or the key questions they will use in a presentation.

The tools are also customized to the particular product or service that the participating company sells.


Expected Outcomes

  • Retention of existing clients
  • Increased sales to existing clients

  • Higher conversion ratio from enquiries to sales

  • Development of up-selling programme for team

  • Development of a Standard Operating Procedure for customer care

  • Front of mind awareness of the team of the importance of customer service in growing sales


Post-training follow up and accountability

A challenge for many Sales Managers and Business Owners investing in training is how to measure the long-term results of the training.

Programme participants are given assignments on completion of the course which need to be achieved within three months. These assignments reinforce the key skills and techniques which have been gained through the programme.

Assignments are reviewed after that 3 month period with the participant and his/her Manager.

A mentoring pack is supplied to the Sales Manager/Business Owner on completion of the programme to ensure ongoing personal development of the individual participants.


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