Testimonial for Brett Burgess, Sales Impact Group.

At the time Brett started helping our business we were a fairly new web development company that was ready to grow and expand. We needed to generate more leads and work but had no in-house expertise to accomplish this. I am a web developer by trade so naturally viewed sales as a daunting task where you needed the “gift of the gab” which just wasn’t me.
I had no background or experience in this area, and I would have much rather handed off to someone else.

After doing Brett’s course my view has completely changed. Brett’s system makes the process simple and fun! I am really enjoying my new role in sales and couldn’t wait to take off my developer hat to work on the business and get out there to bring in new work.
Brett’s programme is delivering great results for our business and has been of great value for our own personal development.
I would highly recommend Brett to any business that want to make more sales and become more successful.

James Simmonds Director

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