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Clean Planet

In early 2011 I started a new business venture, namely an asthma safe, environmentally responsible commercial cleaning service. This was a new concept for Hawkes Bay, and while I had every confidence that this was a sound business prospect I was unsure on how best to do the 'sales' side of the business.

Luckily just after I started I had the good fortune to meet Brett and I quickly realised that what he was offering was just what I needed. Brett's approach to sales aligned with my values and I was so pleased to find a business to business sales strategy that did not rely on tricks or manipulation. The key element of establishing whether the potential client had a need, and then seeing if my service could help them was critical.

The success of my business is built on the quality of my relationships with clients, and the sales process had to create the foundation for this.

The other important learning was referrals. Completing Brett's course enabled me to develop a referral network that has resulted in some very good contracts, and likewise I have been able to help my clients by introducing them to high quality businesses.

After 3 years, Clean Planet Hawkes Bay now has 90 sites that we clean every week, and created eight successful franchisees that deliver this service. This growth would not have been possible without Brett's help.

I recommend you take the time to talk with Brett. It could prove to be a very good investment.

Roy Boonen Managing Director

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