I have a question for you, and its a very important one, so consider it carefully - 

What have you done today to ensure my clients stay loyal?

This question got me thinking about how easily we can get bogged down ‘doing the doing’ and bringing in new business, that we forget about taking care of our current clients.


There is an old trope of the salesperson who sells the client then forgets about them,




Fortunately, we can’t get away with this anymore, with ease of access of information at an all-time high, and new forms of advertising and marketing appearing every day,  it is easy for our clients to find alternatives if they are unhappy with our service.


We must be on top of our game when it comes to taking care of our clients.


Remember your A client is someone else’s A prospect.


With this in mind, here are some ideas on how you can ensure your clients stay loyal.


Rather than think about what you can sell to your client, think - “How can I add value to my client?”


By rephrasing from ‘selling’ to ‘adding value’ you are automatically putting the client first, putting their needs at the forefront of the conversation, not your product and service.


When visiting a current client, consider how you can add value - this may not necessarily be by selling them something, it could be something as simple as sharing information, inviting them to an event or taking them out for coffee.


  • Action step - have a purpose when visiting your clients - ADD VALUE


Always aim to AMAZE your clients


Brian Tracy says there are four levels of customer satisfaction -


Meeting customer expectations

Exceeding customer expectations

Delighting your customers (delivering a pleasant surprise)

Amaze your customers - you are so good at what you do that they buy from you again and

again and tell their friends as well.


Your aim should always to create Advocates out of your clients by Amazing them. If you go the extra mile and consistently help them to grow, they will rave about you, telling all their colleagues, this word of mouth marketing is absolutely priceless.


  • Action step - Think about how you can go the extra mile and Amaze your clients - what can you do for them that will go above and beyond to show them how much you value their business?

  • Always aim to make Advocates of your clients.

  • Everything you do, do it with integrity, amaze your clients by always being the first to respond to their queries, have the fastest turnaround time and always put them first.

Remember, every interaction you have with someone draws you closer together or pushes you further apart. When you apply this to your clients, you can see how much value there is in simply picking up the phone to see how they are tracking, sending them an invitation to an industry event, or sharing a blog.


Every single interaction you have with a client weighs on if they will do business with you again.


Doing little things each day strengthens the bond between you and your client, and makes it more likely they will come back to you for repeat business.


Show you care

The key difference between transactional and consultative selling is that as consultative salespeople, over time we develop close trusting relationships with our clients.


Business is built on relationships and over time we become trusted advisors. We often get to know the clients we work with on a personal level.


It is important to show your clients how much you care, treat them as individuals with individual needs. Take the time to show them that you respect them and their business.


If you can show your clients that you care and they are more than just a number, they will come back time and time again.


We believe that helping others grow and sharing knowledge is just as important if not more so than any financial gain.

  • Action step - Treat your clients as individuals, take an interest in what they do, learn about their hobbies, their goals their family. Make an effort.

  • Note down in your CRM your client’s hobbies, any relevant personal information, so next time you meet them you remember their husband’s name, their kid's names and what they do on the weekend.




I will leave you with this question, remember to ask yourself this every day -


What have I done today to ensure my clients stay loyal?


Key Takeaways


  • Rather than think about what you can sell to your client, think - “How can I add value to my client?”

    • Place the emphasis on how you can add value rather than how you can sell.


  • Always aim to AMAZE your clients

    • Go the extra mile, make advocates out of your clients


  • Show you care

    • Take note of the personal details, likes, hobbies and family information of your client, show them that they are more than just a number to you.


I hope you have a profitable month.


Hayden Burgess


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