Did you ever wonder to yourself why some people are lucky and some people are not? Why good things happen to some people and others miss out?


Something that was instilled in me by my dad from a young age is that in life you make your own luck. Luck doesn’t just come naturally, although to some it may seem that way.


Luck is created by many different factors, the good news is we can influence and create our own luck sales and in life.


In his book The Luck Factor, Richard Wiseman notes -


“Lucky people expect their interactions with others to be lucky and successful”


Brian Tracy echoes this in his book The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business success stating -


“When you confidently expect good things to happen, good things usually happen to you…. Your expectations have an inordinate effect on the people around you as well”.


This is of course just the start, it's all well and good to have a positive expectation when you are going into a sales interview but to make your own luck you have to take it a step further.


Below are some suggestions to make your own luck in sales, based off the principles outlined by Wiseman and Tracy.


Build and maintain a strong ‘network of luck’


To make your own luck it is key to surround yourself with other ‘lucky’ or successful people. By building a network (this includes your Centres of Influence ) you are upping your chances of more referrals, more endorsements, and more business. The more people who know who you are, know your values and the quality you stand for, the more work will come your way.


  • Action step - Consider the people in your business network, of those people,
    • who have similar clients but doesn’t compete?
    • who could refer you work but doesn’t?
    • who have you got a strong connection with but haven’t seen in awhile?


Develop a system for staying front of mind with your clients/colleagues


By staying front of mind with your colleagues and clients, you are the first person they think of when they think of your profession, a solution for their client or any other opportunity that would be of benefit to you.


If you can develop a system or process using social media, email, and face to face engagements to keep in touch with key clients and colleagues, you lessen your chances of missing out on any sales opportunities that may come your way.


  • Action step - Develop a process to stay front of mind with those closest to you in business, this could be something a simple as

    • posting on Linkedin once per week

    • engaging with colleagues and clients posts on social media

    • writing a bi-monthly blog

    • or creating your own vlogs.


Help others and in turn, increase your own luck


Something we try to instill in our clients is that as a salesperson you must go into an interview with the mindset that you are there to add value. You are not there to sell but to help your prospective client become - more efficient, produce less wastage, or streamline their business process.


If you focus on helping others first, you increase your luck. People who are more selfless and give more than they receive always find it comes back to them.


In sales, by working with prospective clients to uncover a need and then helping them to solve that need we are adding value to their business and in turn, reaping the rewards ourselves.


By always trying to add value to those around us, whether this be in the sales interview itself, or outside of the sales environment; we can’t help but increase our luck and have the value come back to us two-fold.


One of my favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson is -  


“It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”


  • Action Step - Always aim to add value to your clients/prospects, some ways to do this are -

    • Share a relevant blog/vlog/article they may find useful
    • give them a referral
    • or connect them with another valued colleague.


  • Action Step  - Focus on the benefits to the client - what value does my product/service add to their business?

    • Put the client first

    • Not your product or service.


I hope you have a profitable and 'lucky' month.


Hayden Burgess


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