Voicemails can be a tricky business especially if you are new to sales.

You don’t want to give away too much but you also want to show the prospect that you are organised and efficient.  

So how do we go about leaving a good voicemail and why is it so important? Read on to find out.


Why leave a voicemail in the first place?

Ask yourself this, if an unknown number called you five times and didn’t leave a message what would you think? I would venture that you might think the call can’t be that important.

Leaving a voicemail shows the prospect that you are serious about getting in touch with them. It can actually be a benefit to you especially if you are new to sales or a touch nervous on the phone. A voicemail prepares the prospect for your call, so when you do call they already have an idea of who you are and why you are calling.


When I was getting started in sales this certainly helped me as I didn’t have to blurt out my reason for calling all over again or worry about them cutting me off


We advocate getting in touch with a referral within 2-3 days of receiving it, so leaving a voicemail ticks this box if you can’t get in contact with the referral in that time.


Leaving a good voicemail can also present a strong buying signal if the buyer returns your call. If they have taken the time to get back to you, it shows they have an interest in what you are offering.


What should I say?


The most important thing here is not to sell on the phone! Don’t start out by detailing your business, the services you provide and what you can do for the prospect.


Keep it succinct, the key points to get across when leaving a voicemail are -


  • Who referred you
    This comes back to that transference of trust, when they hear the familiar name of your referrer it will help to put them at ease.

  • Why you are calling
    This gives the prospect context and lets them know they they needn’t worry about a 10 minute phone pitch when you connect.

  • The next step
    Let the prospect know that YOU will call them back if you don’t hear from them within a certain timeframe.


Below is a typical voicemail I would leave with a prospect -


“Good Morning/Afternoon (Prospect’s name), it’s (your name)  here from (your company). We provide (short summary of what you do)  (Referrers name) suggested I give you call. I just wanted to see if I could set up an appointment with you to come and introduce myself. I will try you again later today or tomorrow if I don’t hear back from you. Otherwise you can call me on (your number). Thanks!


In this example you can see that:

  • I kept it short
  • mentioned the name of the referrer
  • and made sure to stay in control by letting them know that I would call them back.

Also by stating that you are only calling to set up an appointment it can put the prospect at ease that they are not going to be ‘sold’ over the phone.


My general rule is to call back the next morning and if you can’t get in touch with them don’t leave a second message. I would usually give it a couple more days and try again. This way you aren’t being too pushy.


Some general tips?

  • The key to leaving a good voicemail is sounding calm and confident. I would highly recommend using a phone script until you get your message down verbatim.

  • I have found that standing up when I make my calls and smiling also helps on a subconscious level with confidence.

  • I would also recommend speaking slowly the last thing you want is to have to repeat yourself to a prospect.

  • Finally, don’t try to sell your value proposition over voicemail. You need to keep it brief and doing this can lead down the path of selling over the phone which is the last thing you want. The purpose of the voicemail is to show that you have done your due diligence, are organised,
    and to prepare the prospect for their first contact with you.


“Talking is sharing but listening is caring”

  • Zig Ziglar


“We hear half of what is said, listen to half of what we hear, understand half of it, believe half of it and remember half of that”

  • Anonymous


I hope you have a prosperous month!


Hayden Burgess



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