I bet if you ask any salesperson what their biggest challenge was when they started out, they will most likely say ‘the fear of rejection’.


This fear of rejection can hold you in place, stopping you from picking up the phone or walking through that door. We think to ourselves, ‘what if they turn me down? what if they are hard work and grill me about my product/service?’.


Fear comes in many forms, the fear of the unknown; when we are doing something new or when we are unprepared.


The fear of confrontation and rejection is why many of us are afraid of to go out and sell. Cold calling, sales interviews and presentations are terrifying to most people who believe sales is only for those with the ‘gift of the gab’ and an iron will.


However the upside to fear is that it tells us that we are growing as a person. If we never experienced this fear then we would be forever stuck in place doing the same thing day in day out. 


When it comes to sales there are ways that we can overcome the fears that come with the profession. We can turn the fear around and either use it to our advantage or break through it.


Here are some of our ideas about breaking through the grip of fear for salespeople.


Be prepared


When we are well prepared for something we have a better idea of what to expect. This gives us confidence and in turn pushes away the fear of what could happen. 


You can prepare yourself with a strong phone script that you have practised so much so that it becomes a natural flowing conversation.


Or by using a pre-interview form to research and note down any information you have into the prospect. Research can give you a must needed insight into the prospect and a confidence boost in that you know what to expect. 


Another great way to be prepared is to discuss the prospect with your referrer before the interview. This can yield valuable information on the potential issues they may be having and what kind of character they are.

What is the worst that can happen?


Consider to yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Are they going to throw you out by the seat of my pants? this is highly unlikely.


The worst that can happen is that they will say NO, but often it is only a no for now, they may not be ready to buy. Who knows what could happen down the line.


Pressure and fear is released when we realise that your job is not to force a sale onto a client, if they have no need there is no need for a sale.


By preparing for the worst but hoping for the best you will be in the right mindset and have go into the interview with aplomb.


Focus on an ‘adding value’ mindset


By focusing on ‘adding value’ to the client you can totally change your own fear mindset.



As salespeople we often think that we are going to a client ‘cap in hand’ and they are doingus a favor if they do business with us.


In fact it is the other way around, we are adding so much value to the client through the benefits we provide that we are actually helping them out by agreeing to work with them. 


If you go into the interview with this in mind it can mitigate any fears you may have about rejection.

Repetition breeds contempt of fear


Someone once said ‘Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success."


The more we do something the easier it gets, by creating more opportunities to face your sales fears you will slowly overcome them, repetition also breeds contempt for fear.


Instead of putting off that phone call or postponing that important sales interview, do it straight away. This way you get another experience under your belt, in turn making the next easier and so on and so on.

Either you win or you learn


My Jiu Jitsu instructor once said to me “You either win or you learn”.


I think this is true in sales, either you make a sale or your learn from your mistakes for next time. 


The client may not have a need right now but you have learnt a bit more about their situation and strengthened the bond you have with them.


Keep this in mind and don’t see fear as a demotivator, see it as a challenge!.



I hope you have a prosperous month!

Hayden Burgess

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