Are you creating advocates for your business? or just clients?


It can be too easy when we get busy and overwhelmed to go through the motions when we deliver.....


However, this can leave our clients feeling undervalued.


You need to always be thinking "How can I create another advocate for my business?"


How can you create someone else who will go out and rave about what you do?


The reason you want to focus on creating advocates, is in today’s market, it is increasingly difficult to get your brand and message out there.


If you have a system for generating leads, a good prospecting system, this is great, but it is also integral that you have brand awareness in the marketplace.


This is people talking about your product or service, talking about their great experience working with you.


The people that do this are called ‘advocates’ - they are the ones that get you those illustrious ‘word of mouth referrals’.


The way to create advocates for your business, seems obvious yet many of us miss the mark.


You need to under promise and over deliver.


Everytime you are with a client, think - how can I go the extra mile? What else could I do to help them get ahead?


This is why we need to focus on ‘adding value’ first then profit second.


You see the more value you can add to a client, the better and happier they will be.


The better results they will get, and the more likely they will be to work with you again (and tell your friends about you).


But let me be clear, you want to add value to genuinely help your clients - not so it comes back to you in the form of $$$.


Another way to add value, is to ‘sell them what they want, but give them what they need’


You see most people don’t know exactly what they need until you tell them.


If you can sell them what they want (and deliver on that)


And on top of that, give them what they need, they will see the added value and love you for it.


Two final thoughts,


Ensure your clients consume your product or service correctly, so they get the most out of it.


If they ‘consume’ or use your product/service correctly, they are more likely to want to buy more from you in future.


Also, make sure you constantly ask for feedback from your clients and use this feedback to improve what you do.


Don’t be that person who never asks out of fear, then wonders why their clients are dropping like flies.


If you create advocates, you are essentially creating an external team of people who are out there singing your praises.


And why? 


Because you put them first, you helped them in some way to better themselves.


This is how you create advocates.

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